Traditional Thai Massage: Know its origin, benefits and best place for massage in Dubai!.

Thai Massage therapy is amongst the best ways to relieve pain. This Yoga-like massage is performed using different compressing and stretching actions. The massage is influenced by traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. Instead of lying on a massage bed with the therapist applying oil, Thai massage requires you to lay on a mat with the therapist stretching and rocking the body.

In this article we’ll see the origins and benefits of Traditional Thai Massage.

Benifits of Massage

Origin of Thai Massage Therapy

People have been practicing traditional Thai Massage for thousands of years in Thailand. Its name has often led people to believe it was developed in Thailand. But in reality, Thai massage therapy originated from India more than 2500 years ago. It was developed by Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, a friend of Buddha, with colossal experience and knowledge of medicine.

Benifits of Massage

The massage theory is based on Yoga Philosophy, targeting the invisible energy line running throughout the body. Traditional Thai Massage was believed to be a spiritual practice during the earlier years.

Unlike other massages, Traditional Thai massage therapy focuses on the energy of a person instead of the physical body.

Benefits of Traditional Thai Massage Therapy-

Thai massage therapy has many benefits – from lowering stress to increasing immunity. Below are five benefits of Thai massage explained in detail.

  1. Thai massage therapy provides relief from pain-
    The massage is an effective means of reducing headaches and back pain. The massage therapist applies pressure on the pain points and energy channels in the body. This efficiently provides relief to painful muscles in the body. It is also very helpful in reducing the intensity of migraines and tension headaches.
    Benifits of Massage
    Research has found that Thai massage can provide relief from headaches for a few days to upto 15 weeks.
  2. Thai massage therapy relieves stress –

    While stress isn’t always bad, too much stress can affect the body and mind negatively. Long lasting stress can also lead to many diseases like depression and even cardiovascular diseases.

    Thai massage therapy can help reduce stress significantly. The massage uses gentle pressure and stretching to relax the body and mind. The technique focuses on relaxing the tensed energy lines to provide long lasting relief. Research has found that Thai massage effectively reduces stress markers found in the tongue.

  3. Thai massage reduces muscle stiffness-

    The stretching combined with controlled pressure reduces the stiffness in joints and muscles. The massage therapist will apply firm pressure on the tensed muscles to soften stiff tissues. The massage also eases pain in the tissues with kneading and stretching.

    Researchers conducted a study with patients of osteoporosis of the knee undergoing Thai massage treatment. The study found that the participants felt less pain and were able to walk with more ease after 8 weeks.

  4. Thai massage boosts energy-

    Many studies conducted on the benefits of Thai massage prove that it can increase energy levels in the body. The massage therapy stimulates mental well-being and energy. It is believed that stress can cause blockage in the flow of life energy. This blockage causes a person’s energy to deplete and increases fatigue.

    In Thai massage, the therapist pressurizes these energy lines to remove the blockage. This in turn increases energy levels and improves concentration.

  5. Thai massage stimulates circulation-

    The stretching technique in Thai massage stimulates the flow of blood and lymphs throughout the body. The stretching helps the oxygen reach tissues and promotes cell growth and cardiovascular health.

    Thai foot massage can also improve the balance of people suffering from peripheral neuropathy. This is because the improved blood circulation stimulates the somatosensory system which helps with balance.

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Benifits of Massage

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