Can Thai Massage help lower back pain?.

Lower back pain has the most complaints after cold and flu globally. Continuous sitting and increased use of mobiles and desktops has caused significant increase in back pain cases. Research has shown that approximately 23% of adults globally suffer from chronic back pain. One of the biggest causes of low back pain is bad posture due to continuous sitting. Thai massage therapy is a natural way of getting long term relief from lower back pain.

Thai massage is a healing and therapeutic massage that differs from regular massage therapies. The technique and set-up of Thai massage differs significantly from a traditional massage. Instead of a massage table, Thai massage requires clients to lay on a mat on the floor. The massage therapist will then manipulate the client’s body to stimulate organs and improve flexibility.

The massage originated from old Indian culture and combines Chinese medicine with Ayurveda. Dating back to 2500 years, it works with the body’s energetic pathways called sen.

Benifits of Massage

How can Thai massage reduce back pain?

Thai massage follows a technique that includes stretching, acupressure, and rotation. The therapist will use these techniques to improve the client’s posture. Gentle stretching can make joints more flexible and reduce stiffness. Similarly, Thai Massage also uses acupressure to relieve tensed tissues and muscles.

Here are some Thai Massage poses that will help in reducing lower back pain.

The Prayer Pose-

This pose is pretty similar to the child’s pose yoga. The client is required to sit on the floor with crossed legs. Then, slowly lean forward with their arms outstretched. Once in this position, the therapist will apply gentle pressure on the client’s back. This will both stretch and massage the back muscles at the same time.

Thai massage has been shown to provide headache relief lasting anything from a few days to up to 15 weeks.

Benifits of Thai Massage

Knee to elbow–

This pose can reduce the damage caused by continuous sitting. Continuous sitting can cause the hamstring to tighten. This leads to limited mobility and lower back pain. The pose requires the client to lay on their back with their knees bent. The therapist will bend the leg at the required angle near the elbow. Once the client is in the correct position, the therapist will apply pressure on the hamstring. Once the hamstring loosens up, lower back pain will also reduce.

Benifits of Thai Massage

The angel twist–

This is another pose yoga enthusiasts must be familiar with. It helps in loosening up a tight back. The pose requires the client to lay on their back. The massage therapist will move their leg to a 90-degree angle while applying pressure on the client’s shoulder and hips. This pose will stretch out the back muscles completely and provide long-lasting relief from lower back pain.

Traction with backbend–

Traction is used to decompress the joints like the spinal vertebrae. In this pose, the client lays down on the mat on their back. The massage therapist will hold the client’s legs in the air and stretch them with every exhale. During the whole process, the client’s lower back is going to stay fixed on the ground. This will remove compression from the joints, leading to reduced back pain. It also releases tension and promotes the flow of energy in the body.

Benifits of Massage

Assisted cobra–

The pose starts with the client laying on their stomach on the mat. The therapist will be positioned between their legs and place their knees on the client’s hips. Then, the massage therapist will tightly grip the client’s forearms and pull their body backward. This will extend the client’s spine backward and work their back muscles. It will also strengthen pelvic muscles and lower abdominals. The stretching will make the back muscles more flexible and relaxed, efficiently reducing pain.

Many types of research have shown the benefits of massage in reducing body pain. In the blog, we can see that Thai massage has many postures that help in reducing lower back pain and provide long-term relief.

Benifits of Massage

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