Best Spa and Massage Center in Dubai.

Dubai has a multitude of things to enjoy, the best one being the exceptional quality of spa and massage centers in Dubai. From hotel spas to massage parlors, Dubai is full of places for relaxation. Massage therapies have become extremely popular nowadays. With people’s everyday life becoming more and more hectic, it is no wonder the search query term “massage center near me” is increasing.

Research has found that in 2020, employment opportunities for massage therapists increased by 20% due to high demand.

If you are a tourist or even a resident of Dubai, you must have wanted to spend a day full of relaxation in one of these places. But when you search for massage centers in Dubai on Google, you get bombarded with a list of massage places. In the end, it becomes hard to decide which parlor is best without checking each and every one of the places on the list.

So, to make finding the best massage center near you easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best spa and massage centers in Dubai.

Five best spa and massage centers in Dubai-

  1. Wishah Spa- luxurious spa and massage center in Dubai

    Situated at the Business Bay Dubai, Wishah Spa is the best spa that comes up when you search ‘massage places near me’. The Massage center is known for its amazing services and affordable prices

    Wishah Spa is the perfect place to spend a day of relaxation and serenity. You can visit it alone, with friends, or with a loved one. The massage therapists at Wishah Spa are experts in the art of massage therapies.

    Benifits of Massage
    • Packages offered-

      • Classic treatment-

        The classic treatment package consists of full body oil massage and Aromatherapy.

      • Deluxe treatment-

        It consists of traditional Thai Massage, Swedish massage, Balinese massage, sports massage, and deep tissue massage.

      • Premium treatment-

        The premium package entails the Moroccan bath and body scrub, Four Hands Massage, and the Royal Jacuzzi Bath.

      • Signature packages-

        The signature package consists of two specifically designed massage packages that you can enjoy alone or with a loved one.

      • Special focus-

        The special focus package covers massages focused on some specific areas like head massage and reflexology.

  2. Talise Spa-

    Talise spa is an award-winning massage center in Dubai. Situated near the sea and exuberant greenery, Talise spa is the most ideal place to rejuvenate yourself. The spa has 25+ treatment rooms including couples rooms, a jacuzzi, and steam rooms.

    Benifits of Massage
    • Packages offered-

      • Cryotherapy-

        Experience world-class cryotherapy with the best equipment and staff.

      • Sound meditation-

        Relieve stress with the help of meditation.

      • Aromatherapy-

        Relax by surrounding yourself with the enchanting smells of essential oils.

  3. Amara Spa-

    Amara Spa provides extreme serenity and relaxation with an even more beautiful view. Situated at Hyatt Park Dubai, the spa is one of the top results you see while searching ‘body to body massage near me’.

    The main source of attraction for this spa is the calming view that awaits the visitors and the huge accessible pool. You can relax in the pool after the treatment or enjoy it first then go to the treatments offered.

    Benifits of Massage
    • Packages offered-

      • The Ultimate package-

        This package includes 5-6 six different packages in itself.

      • Exclusive Body Ceremonies-

        This package includes four different treatments that you can choose from.

      • Facials-

        The package includes different facials for different occasions.

      • Gharieni Experience-

        This package provides exclusive treatment by partnering with Gharieni.

      • Massages-

        This package contains a variety of messages customers can choose from.

  4. Heavenly Spa-

    This luxurious Spa has everything you could be looking for while searching for massage centers in Dubai. Here you can enjoy the Jacuzzi, steam room, and a sauna. Not just that, there are also some affordable packages which you buy to access the hotel pool and private beach.

    Benifits of Massage
    • Packages offered-

      • Heavenly seasonal package-

        This deluxe package comes with seasonal offerings.

      • Heavenly escape for two-

        Spend a day with your significant other in complete relaxation.

      • Heavenly escape for one-

        Specially designed for a single person, this treatment package lets you enjoy a day with yourself.

      • Heavenly spa reviver experience-

        Rejuvenate your body with this ultimate spa treatment.

  5. Heart and Soul Spa-

    Heart and soul spa is one of the top results that you see after searching for the ‘Thai massage near me’ on Google. The place is considered one of the best massage centers in Dubai for its exceptional view that consists of lush greenery.

    The spa treatment offered by Heart and soul spa is inspired by their natural surroundings. Hence, they use completely natural products in their massage therapies.

    Benifits of Massage
    • Packages offered-

      • For her-

        This package contains massage therapies and treatments for women. These treatments vary from manicure/ pedicure to reflexology.

      • For him-

        This package is specially curated for men looking for relaxation and enjoyment. The treatments include- nail treatment, hair cut, jacuzzi, reflexology, etc.

      • For kids-

        The package is specially designed for kids and comes with 100% natural and toxin-free products.